Just a few pictures…


La Plata the summit 

Spent my day yesterday tackling my first “14er” (Colorado has 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet which the locals call “14er’s”) Kevin and Justin picked out one that wasn’t the easiest to say the least…La Plata is the fifth highest peak. I’m glad I couldn’t see the mountain before we started…I would have run! We had to hike a few miles before we saw it. We climbed up elevation of over 4500 feet…after 4 plus miles total and 5 hours we made it to the top. Lots of rock at the top. Then 4.5 miles back down in 3 plus hours. It was brutal…slightly dangerous at times but the views were amazing. Stunning!! My body isn’t happy about it…but I’m really happy to have done one!!  

I think I’ll wait another year for the next…and I’ll do the picking!

Details on the climb linked here…